How To Create Timeline Movie Maker for Pages

It’s finally here.  We’ve just launched Timeline Movie Maker for Pages.

Here’s a quick guide as to how you can create a compelling movie for your Brand on Facebook.

1- Before we get started, you must be the admin to a page for a brand so make sure you see the admin options when using Facebook and that you have a published fan page.

2- Go to and click on the text link “make a movie for your Facebook Page.”

3- Select the Facebook page you’d like to make a movie for after you grant the app permissions and then click “Make Movie”.

Select your page and click Make Movie!

4- The movie will auto populate based on the content you have publicly shared on your page, including photos, videos, and a few status updates.  After this initial video plays, you will have enhanced editing capabilities to change out the images and curate your brand’s own story.

5 – Also – with this release – you will have the ability to create custom “status updates” or messages that will appear in the video.  These do not need to have been actual status updates from your page, but allows brands to create custom messages to their communities.

Type your new text, click Update, then click Save Changes

To best display your message in the movie, keep your message under about 400 characters.  Once you edit the message simply click “Update” and you’ll see the copy!

6- Once you are done editing, select your music track and click ‘Save Changes’.

7- After viewing this version, you will have the option of sharing the unique URL on your brand’s Timeline.  You can also edit the movie again or replay it.

There have also been some updates we made to the user experience for Timeline Movie Maker for people, including additional languages have been added, a more robust editing tool and customized text on URL’s for sharing purposes.

To create your brand’s Timeline Movie visit to get started. Here’s a link to view the Definition 6 movie.

Post your link in the comments below after you share it and show me what you got!



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