I am a recent university graduate and have also completed a Master’s
in Economics and Marketing for tourism and cultural heritage. I am
interested in  revenue management , marketing, or
management, and my experiences, aptituteds and skills make me
well-suited to a job in these areas.

Over the last six years, I became passionate about building websites
correctly, accessibility, ethics and best practices, I specialize in
HTML(5), Blogger, progressive enhancement, web marketing strategy,
digital PR, web standards, Social Network development and more.
I am a habitual tinkerer with all things build, I always
try to innovate and provide highest quality design with great
attention to tiny details.

I have experience working  in Hothel managment for the
Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi (part of the Millennium & Copthorne
Hotels and Resorts Group that has over 120 hotels worldwide).
During my training period I had worked in Food & Beverage and Sales.
Special attention should be brought to the fact that iI was heavily
involved in organizing the successful “Festa Siciliana” event held
during 1st – 8th June 2011 at Sevilo’s Italian restaurant. Sevilo’s
thereby being the first restaurant in Abu Dhabi to introduce Sicilian
food to guests.

I have experience working for two years at an international
manufacturing firm. I worked in its technical office and managed its
sales office. In particular, I focused on developing and maintaining
customer relations for both the Italian and international market,
understanding their needs and proposing solutions.


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