Work Experience

Confindustria Assotravel

(Confindustria is the main organisation representing Italian manufacturing and services companies. A total of 149.288 companies of all sizes – employing a total of 5.516.975 workers – are voluntary members of the organisation. The fundamental value underlying Confindustria’s activities is the belief that free enterprise and free economic activity, within the framework of a market economy, are key factors for the growth and development of society as a whole)

Web marketing, blogger,  network management of  Tour Operator and Travel Agency, web designer, online communication strategies on social media
(Facebook, twitter, foursquare, YouTube, ecc…), digital PR, create and maintain Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns for companies groups across multiple ad platforms, Analyse, develop and implement on site and offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for new and existing clients, create social media profiles and blogs for clients and advise on strategies to achieve targets, advise on e-mail marketing strategy and conversion, keep up to date with new trends in online marketing.

Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi (5 stars luxury Hotel)

(part of the Millennium & Copthorne
Hotels and Resorts Group that has over 120 hotels worldwide)

Knowledge of F&B standards, hygiene standards HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), cost control, purchasing office and development and sales promotion (“Sicilian Promotion”), sales and marketing.

Manolo Pizza Chef Entertainment

Marketing, creation and design of blog connected to website.

Regione Siciliana – Assessorato al Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo

Administration management, knowledge of Sicilian Regional Legislation about tourism, predisposition to announcement of competitive exam for European Fund and Tourism in Southern Italy.

Studiare e Sviluppo srl

monitoring of events, research through questionnaire.

Doyle Sailmakers (Italy)

(The sailmakers of choice on the world’s most spectacular yachts.
Continuous innovation and advanced technology, Design excellence, undoubtedly one the most advanced in house sail production systems available, has made Doyle Italy one of the worlds leading sailmakers.
Doyle Italy builds a vast range of sails supplying cruising and racing yachts through to the world’s largest Superyacht)

I focused on developing and maintaining customer relations for both the Italian and international market, understanding their needs and proposing solutions. I was put in charge of the technical office and customer care, and I was also responsible for Doyle Italia’s public relations (writing pieces for publication in newspapers and the Internet, preparing advertising and publicity). Later, I worked alongside the Head of the sail making staff, assisting him in running the daily activities, and then I worked in a similar capacity for the Head of the production staff.


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